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Sunday, July 21, 2013

INTERESTING CHART PATTERNS of some Philippine Stocks part 2

Note: This is not a solicitation of buy or sell recommendation. Place your trade at your own risk. This is an opportunity to cross check notes and ideas.

INTERESTING CHART PATTERNS of some Philippine stocks Part 1

Disclaimer: Not a buy or sell recommendation. All opinion are based on personal opinion and does not command any authority of any sort. Please be guided accordingly that these charts are for educational purposes. Base your investment and trades in your own analysis.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ALI JULY 2 2013

Note: This is not a buy or sell recommendation. Trade at your own risk. Make your trade base on your own decision and interpretation.

ALI's chart looks interesting.... a broadening formation that might suggest falling prices ahead. Should price do start falling plan your trade ahead. However, should prices not fall as reasonably believed, then we should revisit the chart again some time soon.

COL JULY 2 2013

A possible tradable range. Note: This is a not a recommendation to buy nor sell, but rather a piece of chart for the purpose of educational entertainment only.

AUB JULY 2 2013

AT JULY 2 2013

Wait for a potential reversal pattern.